- this product is similar to BG Super Pro Amp (see "BG Super Pro Amp" chapter) to which has been attached an improved radio controlled system that can be activated by a GSM mobile phone.

Role :

- it releases repelling sounds previously set for the device only when the radio receptor is activated or being sent an SMS
- capable of repelling birds and wild animals from afar
- damage and even catastrophe preventive

Advantages :

- activating the device from afar only when necessary
- eliminates the random firing property of the product
- maximum efficiency by maladjustment of birds and wild animals to the new stress mode
- able to work only when needed
- using the cellular phone/land line ensures the usage of the product by authorized personnel only
- the receiver can accept commands from at least 250 cellular phone/land lines numbers previously programmed in the receiver's memory
- one SMS can activate multiple devices
- as a precaution, the sent SMS message contains the password
- the receiver can be set to confirm the ongoing action or the action  that's been asked to perform
- one free phone call can activate any device individually
- can activate/deactivate or register/delete the used phone numbers
- unlimited range from a cellular phone as long as it's within the coverage area by the service provider
- compatible with Vodafone, Orange, Cosmote etc.
- it has high mobility, easily movable from one spot to another
- quality/cost ratio superior to all other birds and wild animals repellent classic devices
- it saves important material and human resources diminishing the overall cost towards this kind of activity.

Technical features :

- BG Super Pro Amp (see BG Super Pro Amp chapter)
- unlimited range
- radio controlled system through a GSM cellular phone that supports the following bandwidth: EGSM 900 ; DCS 1800 ; PCS 1900 triple bandwidth
- temperature conditions: -20 to + 60 centigrade
- its efficiency is related to its location and number of devices within an area
- soundproof earphones are recommended for the workers in its radius
- made to run during any season
- warranty: 1 year

Used in :

- agriculture, viticulture, fruit tree growing, vegetable growing, plantations
- civilian and military airports, waste dump sites etc.

Pests :

- starlings, crows, seagulls, sparrows, woodpeckers etc.

Ozon Company can offer within its amassed experience consulting regarding the necessary acquisition and implementation of bird and pest animal repelling systems.

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